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KPS4Parents’ Learn & Grow Educational Series is perfectly suited for application towards many Merit Badges that Scouts can earn.

Please note, however, that all our content pertaining to the application of our Learn & Grow Educational Series to the achievement of Boy Scout Merit Badges has been created solely by KPS4Parents as suggestions for Scouts and their leaders and is in no way endorsed by or a product of Boy Scouts of America.

Scouts are strongly advised to consult with their Merit Badge Counselors regarding the applicability and appropriateness of our content before embarking upon any of the activities we suggest.

As with all of the Project-Based Learning (PBL) activities described on this site, our recommendations regarding each of the badges that share relevance with our Learn & Grow Educational Series center on the construction of self-watering bucket containers and growing non-GMO, organic produce in them.

For instructions on how to build a self-watering bucket container, click here.

Boy Scouts Merit Badges Relevant to Learn & Grow’s Instructional Goals

Do you have any questions or additional ideas for how Scouts can tie together their Merit Badges, community service projects, and camp activities to our self-watering container garden concepts? Share general questions and comments with us by posting below. If you have questions and/or comments regarding any of the specific Merit Badges above, please post them to the respective page(s) of the Merit Badge(s) in question.

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