Learn & Grow Gardening Parties

Feel Free to Copy this Party Idea

Teaching children about food and how to grow their own fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to be boring. Here, children attending a 5th birthday party are actively engaged by this gardening activity in which they assemble their own self-watering containers, fill them with soil, and plant them with baby tomato plants following instruction about where tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables come from.

The instructional design of this program is based on evidence-based practices according to the peer-reviewed research in the educational sciences. You will note throughout the video that each child is encouraged to perform independently, regardless of age, and that modeling is paired with verbal instruction.

The children spontaneously work collaboratively with each other, particularly with the older children assisting the younger children. The project-based nature of the activity and the work product it yields are more powerful teaching vehicles than sitting in a group listening to a lecture. This project teaches in the moment and continues to teach as the children tend their plants to harvest.

This teaches not only the “how” from engineering and scientific standpoints, but also the “why” from a self-help standpoint. It also provides children with a real life example of working towards a long-term goal to completion and appreciating the value of delaying¬†gratification.

This party idea can be adapted for use with children of all ages. We would love to see how you use this idea to educate and entertain at the same time. Share your photos with us by using the uploader below and, upon approval, they will be posted to our Site Guest Photos page. You can also post them to our Facebook page.

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