Partnering with Special Needs Essentials

KPS4Parents is proud to partner with Special Needs Essentials for the month of July 2015 to provide parents and professionals with necessary resources, as well as generate donation revenue we can use to provide advocacy support, parent training, and curriculum development to learners with all types of needs.

Why they give – To empower non-profit initiatives whose efforts resonate with their own mission: to promote awareness and facilitate support of families and professionals caring for a person with special needs.

Who do they give to – Special Needs Essentials partners with charitable foundations & organizations who meet the following criteria:

      • Dedicated to increasing awareness for a specific diagnosis or special needs in general.
      • Works to enhance quality of life of those with special needs and their families.
      • Provides resources, services, support, advocacy or research for the special needs community.

How they give – They set aside a portion of total sales from their store for a month and donate the accumulated amount to their partner at the end of the month.

How you can give – Just make a purchase through the Special Needs Essentials online store, and a portion of your grand total will automatically be donated to KPS4Parents.